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About Us

About Us

First and foremost, N2-X is a company founded by loving parents for not just our kids, but all kids. Each of the founders, still kids themselves, watched the meteoric rise social media and the growing desire of individuals to let their friends know the most intimate details of their lives, in real-time no less. We were constantly debating whether most adults using social media were mature enough to be trusted on-line.
We all agreed that the current platforms were not appropriate for our kids, even though our children wanted access. We set out to create a safe, but effective, platform which allowed kids to express themselves. It had to be social, it had to be off-line, and it had to be real-time, which meant our kids had to be able to update it as their interest changed, even if those interest were changing daily. We struggled with the name for many months but in the end, we realized that kids want what adults
want, to let their friends know what they're into (i.e., N2) and we realized something else, kids are N2-everything and their interest are variable (i.e., the X).We're calling it off-line social media and what we're finding is that our kids are even happier with their offline messaging because they can talk to their peers about their interest any time, any where; even if the INTERNET is down or out of range.
And one last thing, we learned something else, kids love to collect and trade things, especially personal things. We're calling them badges and we think we are on to something.

Why Backpacks

That's why we created N2-X, the world's first line of fully cutomizable backpacks. Practically designed
as a durable daypack, its marquee panel lets kids and their peers share what they're N2, even as their
interests change daily. It lets kids be kids in a fun and constructive way, and that’s always good for parents.